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The mind game

There are times when I just don't want to nurse Chase. Nursing is hard work. It takes a lot of time; and space. He doesn't just fit in my lap in a chair anymore. We have to get up and move to the bed where its most comfortable for us. Chase is the kind of nursling that can get into moods where he regresses to the infant days. Before any action, must have milk. After any action, must have milk. It's tiring. And taxing on my body. Keeping up my water intake takes time and lots of mental checking of my physical state. Cotton mouth? Better drink some water. Stabbing pain in my head when nursing, better drink more water NOW. Add to this another toddler that wants milk every time his big brother has milk and you get a whole lot of uncoordinated flailing little hands, accompanied with ear splitting screams.

Why do it if it's such a hassle?

Because my kids need it. Simple as that. Would I give anything in the world to have Daddy nurse them for a while? ABSOLUTELY. But that's not the way nature intended. So I buck up and do the thing that only I can do. Sure, I can wean them both. They are beyond the minimum breast feeding ages that the various health organizations recommend. Contrary to what we all want to believe, weaning won't absolve me of any responsibility. It will only take away a very valuable tool for soothing just about any situation. They will still scream and resist diaper changes, cry when they get hurt, cry when they fight, have emotional break downs because the internet isn't working and we can't watch Umizoomi videos. And hugs don't work nearly as well as a good nursing session.

Do you enjoy torturing yourself?

Why I Donated to Ron Paul Today... and Why You MUST Too!

On Tynan

Today I donated money to a politician for the first time in my life. It was only $100, but I expect that I will donate the maximum $2300 soon. Who was the lucky recipient of my somewhat-hard-earned-cash?

Ron Paul, of course.

Ron Paul is amazing. Unlike every other modern politician I've ever heard of, he is principled in a way that reminds me of the founding fathers. He has his positions and he sticks to them no matter WHAT. He is probably the ONLY person in Congress who has always voted consistently every time.

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