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It's good to know what our priorities are in any given moment. Our reactions will not always support what's most important to us. It takes some effort to step back, evaluate the situation, then choose a path that will bring us closer to where we want to be.

If you've been following me, you'll know I signed up as a breast milk donor last year. Shortly after I was approved I found out I was pregnant. My supply dried up and my plans to donate milk went on hold. Now that I'm no longer pregnant (woo hoo!) I can resume my pumping for donation. Having two nurslings and three kids to care for makes finding time to pump difficult. One ounce at time, I get closer to my goal. Making a donation is high on my priority list.

But so is nursing Chloe. And Desmond. What's more important? Donating my breast milk or breastfeeding my own kids? It may be obvious to you, but in the moment it wasn't so obvious to me.

Desmond came to me, upset and tired, while I was pumping. I had a set amount I wanted to pump in mind. I was almost there. And here comes Desmond, pulling the pump cords and nearly spilling the milk. For a few beats I was able to keep calm. Reality was clashing with the outcome I set out to have. He was going to ruin my pumping session and wake up Chloe all at once. While I was fending him off, a thought occurred to me.

Going Raw

On Tynan

I used to walk into McDonalds and often times I wouldn't be charged for my food. Why? Because I went there so frequently and brought so many friends, that they knew I was good for business. My favorite meal was the Fishwich, a mighty sandwich made with a bun, american cheese, a deep fried fish patty, and a generous portion of tartar sauce. To fully sate my appetite I always supersized.

My parents had always encouraged me to eat healthy. I just didn't see the point. I felt good, I wasn't fat, and I never got sick. Why fix what isn't broken? I was thankful for my good metabolism and assumed that eating healthy was for people who didn't have it so good.

Then a couple years ago I watched Super Size Me. I watched it for entertainment, but it was the first time I began to believe that what I ate actually mattered. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. When subjected to a McDonalds only diet, the creator became depressed, lethargic, and generally didn't feel too well. That was the day I stopped eating fast food.

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