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Pooling Expat Buying Power

Last weekend we launched a new approach to solve "expat challenges". I had stumbed over Hackerhealth.org and what caught my attention was the idea of "Group Buying Discounts". I felt that this idea could make a big difference for us. Expats.

I have to renew my wife´s health insurance and I figured why not get together with more Expats to get some discounts? And why not extend this discounts to local health services (e.g: dental treatments usually not covered by many insurance policies)? In the same process we could collect recommendations on doctors and clinics at our current location (Riviera Maya) and share them?

We launched a Facebook Group called "One Hundred Expats" and within a few hours we passed 100 members. I got a LOT of positive feedback and fellow expats sharing with their families, friends and expat groups in the region. I have to admit I am taken back by how fast this went.

I also spent a considerable amount of time talking to a buddy that has +20 years of experience in international health insurance. We bounced ideas around on how to make this work. While there are still a few question marks we believe we found a way.

Other expats: the bulgarian 2 or, the weather boy

On Herald Hippo

Friendship between countries. And we are doing it right. When you are in a new country, you can bond with expats...as the universal language brings us together. And no, it's not english as you all might think. It's BEER. Getting invited to a party thrown by a person you cannot even spell his name, in the beer garden, is a plan you cannot refuse. Especially when you have 30 degrees outside. My bulgarian sleepy friend proves himself to be the best weather boy we had..Probably he dreams about it. Yesterday he forcasted rain that was not supposed to happen. Today he promised sun. So help him, weather :).. What will happen? Bunch of people from all corners of the planet will drink and gracefully ignore the main actor and just bond..I discovered that as an expat, it's the easiest way to find out the newest gossips...Today's gossip..somebody is pregnant..wow the news :))) One idea..never order knedliky in the office, presentation is equal to vomit in a plate... Peace out

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