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Boys Over Flowers "꽃보다 남자" Review.

Before I go any further, what I will say in this review, and my blog in general, is solely my opinion. So, don't take it to heart.

Now, I know how old this drama is. It first came out in 2009, and i watched soon after. Since this is my first review though, I wanted to review the first Korean drama I have ever watched. My younger self, really enjoyed this drama! While I found it to be quite, well, dramatic, it was still lighthearted and relaxing in a way. That being said, my current self looks back at it and thinks "Wow! This is cheesy~~" I am not dissing the drama in anyway though!

Let's talk about the plot:

A girl named Geum Jan-di makes her way into a school "for the privileged" through a scholarship. She is surprise to see how snobby her classmates are, especially a certain group of boys named the F4. Eventually, Jandi decides to challenge their leader, Gu Jun-pyo, thereby infurating him. At the end, like every other drama of this kind, jan-di and Jun -oyo end up falling in love and living happily ever after.

Out of Gas

On like an apple

I ran out of gas today. On the way to work. I had just dropped my kids off at their new school and was on track to arrive at work earlier than ever before. One of the great benefits of having moved out here. I was feeling so happy and relaxed, which just seemed to confirm that I made the right decision and that things would be easier now, having moved, with a simpler life, no commuting, less child care needed, etc., etc.

And then my car puttered and stopped, right near a main intersection. In high-traffic time. A nice cop stopped and waited behind me while I waited for my roadside assistance to come and give me some gas. It took almost an hour. The cop didn't wait the whole time, just till traffic let up and it seemed safe.

I stayed fairly calm and mild throughout the whole frustrating incident. Which is a big improvement for me. A few years ago, making a stupid mistake like that would have ruined my day, maybe several days. So, that's good. I'm glad that I rolled with it, went on with my day.


That's the second time my car ran out of gas this year, on the way to work. That's an avoidable problem. I didn't used to be the type of person who would run out of gas. Before I had kids, before the divorce, before life got so crazy, I used to fill my tank once a week, the same day, no matter what.

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