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The 4/20/2016 Experience

I have had better 4/20s definitely but this one wasn't bad at all. Really, the only down side was that i ate some not-as-good-as-I-thought leftovers and vomited them out for an hour or so.

We had made edibles (fruity krispy treats and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies) I had some then slept the sickness off for a few hours.

Later, we rolled up some more, took a few hit from the bong, rolled up again, until the lighters all ran out. But that was ok! Because we just migrated to i-hop to have some high-people foods, then to my house where we smoked. Again.

The nauseousness aside, it was a plentiful 4/20! I hope you all were just as stoned as I ways.

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