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Free the Titties!

For the past few months, I have been thinking of going bra-less. This came to me just for the sake of comfort, but then I decided to do more research on the matter. To my surprise, I found that studies say that not wearing a bra helps your boobs NOT sag! I originally thought the exact opposite.

Upon hearing all the benefits of not wearing a bra, I was convinced to hop on that boat. However, I was curious about what people thought of seeing ma girl's nipples poking out.

I wanted to hear everyone's opinions, but especially the opinions of those on my campus. To get the opinion of my fellow Chanticleers, I posted a post on yik yak, and it got a decent amount of replies. For the rest of the world, I made an AskReddit post which I will link at the bottom.

An opinion that mattered more, however, was my boyfriend. His opinion is the one who took my by surprise. He said that he finds it gross to see a girl's nipples hanging out. He thinks it is perfectly plausible for a girl to choose not to wear a bra, however he thinks she should wear a nip cover, pasties.


On Shut Up and Take My Hand

Restless prancing,Quiet ripple,Moonlit ShoresOn undisturbed beaches,

Unnoticed smile,Silent giggle,To the bitter wind,That carries the dead,

Blooming flowers,Warm yellow, soft peach,Sweet yesterday,Oh bliss


This is what happened when I tried to write today about that feeling I had, I don't know if that's what bliss is, but to me it was beautiful. Anyways, I'm not entirely sure if this captures its essence but it does a fine job considering I'm having great difficulty writing. As per usual, its not editted or something I've spent hours on, written in a few minutes. And I decided to share this one with you guys to try and explain the previous post.

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