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No Game No Life Review

Overall, the Spring anime season of 2014 was my favorite! So many good animes aired that season. I will eventually review all the animes I liked from that season, but, for today, I will review No Game No Life by Madhouse.


No Game No Life was an anime adaptation by Madhouse of a light novel by the name of Noge Nora by Yu Kamiya. Before the anime adaptation, there was a manga adaptation by Yu Kamiya in collaboration with Mashiro Hiiragi as an illustrator. Trivia: Yu Kamiya is married to Mashiro Hiigari!!

Yu Kamiya:

Spotlight - Gabriela Hersham


Girl-about-town Gabriela Hersham is a British born actress, and a regular face on London’s fashion and film circuit. After moving to New York City to study theatre at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Gabriela was soon offered roles in A Happy Ending, alongside Soprano’s star Lou Martini JR, and in The Burningmoore Incident. We caught up with Gabriela as she prepares for her upcoming lead role in American Gypsy (to be filmed in New York), scheduled for release early next year.

Tell us about your training?I trained primarily at the Lee Strasberg school in New York. I was there for 2 years and I loved it. The teachers, the history of the school, the classes on offer and the students. I became really close to some of my teachers and I learnt so much about ridding myself of my inhibitions.

A mentor’s most useful advice?I found studying Method Acting a really good way to begin learning how to act. I had never studied acting before and learning the method taught me how to recreate my own experiences to bring truth to the text you are doing.

If you were not an actor you would be aA journalist.

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