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The Meditation Will Not Be Televised

On A Fixed Point

Many a meditation session has been interrupted by Googling "the best way to meditate." 

Some people will get uneasy that they are "doing nothing" and will promise to return to it later. Others will indulge in the emotional residue of TV news, somehow using that earthquake in Borneo to reflect on the fragility of life and so they better get busy.

Perfomance Enhancing Breakfast

On Shane Dowling's Blog

As Lance Armstrong has shown the world, putting the right thing into your body can greatly improve performance, I myself have been looking into more maintainable alternative. More and more I'm experimenting with diet as a means to improve my mental performance as well as my running ability week on week. Specifically ways of optimising the meals I'm taking in and turning them into more efficient forms of food consumption. Looking into my diet was partially kicked off by my recent foray into fasting and also looking at the spectacular popularity of the soylent project.

Where I was

With this in mind I did a little research into how I could turn breakfast into a more efficient starter meal for the day. Generally I never eat breakfast, so this seemed like a good place to experiment. The only breakfast I ever tended to eat was oats, which generally caused me to feel incredibly hungry long before lunch time, presumably as my stomach had woken up. I needed a breakfast that was going to solve a few problems.

The checklist

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