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Konglish and Korean Marketing

I'm going to pepper this with pictures of my Christmas Day trip to Jeonju (a larger neighboring city) because I'm much better at talking about random observations than things that have actually happened to me. This first picture is of the terrifically ugly city hall. This building's design truly confuses me.

Many foreigners, in Korea and elsewhere, find themselves considering a very narrow set of options for other work once they feel that their stints as teachers have run their course. Assuming that you have saved enough money, purchasing or starting a hagwon is one of these options. But if remaining an employee is more your style, editing is a possibility. I imagine the required credentials for editing work are much more specialized than those help by the average teacher (i.e. did you higer education at all?). But they can't be this demanding. Really. There need to be more editors here. The Konglish is just out of control.

(There was this huge crowd arrayed around a few groups of b-boy (This is what they call themselves. I know.) street dancers. Fortunately for my reader, I was able to capture neither in this picture)

2012: A Year In Review

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Facebook revealed a new feature in which you can look at your Year in Review, highlighting ten of the most important things by some random algorithm. This inspired me to make my own Year in Review, so here goes.

This year has probably been the best year of my life. Sure it's definitely been the hardest and still continues to do so, but it's been so successful in other aspects.

If there are two things that define 2012 for me, it's running and Breakthrough.

I started running near the end of last year, but I never really picked it up until this year. Despite having a really bad track season, I continued on during the summer (running every morning before Breakthrough). I posted good times for JV Cross Country, but my times for Varsity next year are going to have to improve big time (no pun intended). I've improved significantly after XC as well, running my best race (5 Miles in 30:22) on Thanksgiving Day. I'm starting to average 40 miles per week, and it looks like I'll probably max around this till the summer. But, running is now one of the aspects that define me especially publicly. This year has been the reason of that. On a side note, my original shoes ripped and I got a pair of Brooks PureFlow 2 today from Luke's Locker (best store ever, by the way). #BornToRun

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