The Unusually Vast Squirrel A Convivial Blog. en-us Wed, 26 Jun 2019 12:33:31 +0000 Sett RSS Generator ERIC P. GONCHAR – PROFICIENT IN ‘REAL ESTATE LAWS’ Law is a rich source of knowledge and deals with the larger issue of equality, fairness and justice. Land laws forms the basis for most kind of property law and is most complex.It requires years of practice, along with a good understanding of the complexities of law. Eric Gonchar has been practicing real estate laws exclusively, for over 25 years in New York.

He is most capable of handing various facets of real estate laws.Its scope being very vast, it encompasses:-

1. Institutional Lending.

2. Transactional Work

3. Secured and unsecured lending.

4. Representing co-operatives and condominiums

5. Acquisition laws

6. Laws related to commercial, retail, industrial, hotels and multi-family properties.

While handling clients such as the co-operatives and condominiums –

1.He has to advise the boards on the changes in by-laws and house rules. He is in constant touch with the civil authorities for this.

2.Eric P. Gonchar represents the board while drawing out contracts for their contractors and vendors supplying building material. The nuisances dwelled into, to avoid any kind of default, which can put the entire project into jeopardy.

3.His advice is sought on the use of common space area and the income derive3d from it thereafter.

4.Resolve disputes arising out of differences in interpretation of various spaces, construction defects, and default by sponsors or unit owners.

5.Disputes arising out of delay in deliver of units and penalties etc.


The above, can safely be termed as effective board advisory service, in which Eric Gonchar attorney is exceedingly proficient .Probably that is the reason for his long standing relationship with his clients. He is seen as a man in command of the situation, and on ‘top of things’. Effective and efficient, pre-empting and taking precautionary measures to protect the interest of the board that he represents. The board is kept well informed of any legal developments, so that effective measures can be initiated at the earliest.

Above all, the gentlemen takes so much pride in his work and practice and has spent many years, honing his skills. He is regarded by the real estate community as one of the city’s most accomplished transactional attorneys. Clients enjoy his personal, easily accessible, expert and cost effective advise, along with a fresh and direct approach. No wonder, then, that he has had the privilege of been voted as one of New York’s “Super Lawyers”.

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