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Cycling Accessories as part of a Cyclist's Lifestyle

On Cycling in the UK

In the UK, cycling is on the increase and it seems that there is more and more attention being paid to cyclists. On the face of it, that sounds like a good thing, the more people know about cycling the better. However, all of the attention is not exactly good attention, sure there is a lot of support for cycling in the UK, and the performances in the pro ranks have certainly helped that.

However, there are still UK Cyclists that are bringing bad attention to the cycling sport/community through actions that are completely avoidable.

There are two major things that cyclists in the UK need, well not all cyclists, but a lot of them. That is education and the proper cycling accessories.

With the increase of online bicycle stores, and the availability of always improving cycling accessories, cyclists can now make themselves safer to themselves and more visible to both pedestrians and vehicles. One of the cycling accessories that we have been delighted to take on is the Aura LED Sports Belt because it is so convenient, such great value and offers 360 degree illuminated visibility to cyclists.

Cycling Clothing

On Cycling in the UK

My experience buying Bicycle Clothing from Alimay Sports

When purchasing cycling clothing a cyclist should look for clothing that comfortably fits on your body, clothing that is manufactured from breathable lightweight fabrics that helps move sweat away from the body. Remember good quality cycling clothing is a determining factor in aerodynamics performance when cycling for racing or even leisure. All cycling clothing should offer you comfortable and flexible designs that enhance your performance by allowing movement while supporting muscles to prevent injury.

In a nutshell, I think cycling clothing is a key factor for ensuring every cyclist gains the best result on their bicycle. Cycling apparel and clothing should regulate the body temperature to improve cycling performance.

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