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Maintaing your bike properly from the time you fall in love with it - Part 2

On Cycling in the UK

So, hopefully you've read the first post, and now you're back for more of our thoughts on good bicycle maintenance.

We talked about how buying bike upgrades every so often will keep you enthusiastic about your bicycle, learning proper repair techniques will mean you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty and actually enjoy bicycle repair, and the last thing we discussed was how good and little bike maintenance often will reduce the dread of having to carry out maintenance after months of neglect.

So, what's next for cyclists who want to maintain their bikes.

Cycling Clothing

Cycling Clothing

On Cycling in the UK

My experience buying Bicycle Clothing from Alimay Sports

When purchasing cycling clothing a cyclist should look for clothing that comfortably fits on your body, clothing that is manufactured from breathable lightweight fabrics that helps move sweat away from the body. Remember good quality cycling clothing is a determining factor in aerodynamics performance when cycling for racing or even leisure. All cycling clothing should offer you comfortable and flexible designs that enhance your performance by allowing movement while supporting muscles to prevent injury.

In a nutshell, I think cycling clothing is a key factor for ensuring every cyclist gains the best result on their bicycle. Cycling apparel and clothing should regulate the body temperature to improve cycling performance.

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