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idk im high rn so here

I thought I could do this. I thought that I had the ability to separate my body from my mind, but as I lay awake in bed lying to myself about how the moon was able to absorb the sun, I soon realized that I was the sun. And as every part of my body rained drops I sweat, I began to realize that the radiator hadn't been turned on all winter. And the only thing stopping me from my slumber was the memory of how it felt when he unzipped my dress. And I never said no, but I thought that if someone craves my body, then it must mean something. It must mean that the only thing in between the small veins that travel from my body to my mind, is something harder to explain. The explanation that tells young girls why they should not eat right before they swim. But I swore I could do both.

two kinds of deserving

On The Blog of Nate Dodson

There are two kinds of situations where people both feel deserving, but one ends up better for it and one worse.

Picture someone driving by an ice cream shop at the end of a long productive day. "Man that ice cream sounds delicious," they tell themselves. "I worked hard today, I deserve it." So they decide to indulge in a deliciously unhealthy feast of fat and sugar.

Behind that car is another person whom also had a fantastically productive day. They see the ice cream shop and at first it sounds delicious, but then they tell themselves "I am a good person who deserves to feel amazing and energized, therefore I don't eat unhealthy food - I'll go for yogurt and berries instead when I get home."

They have much in common, both crave ice cream and both think they're deserving people.

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