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High part II

I stand alone on a train filled of strangers and awkward conversations about how the air is finally getting colder. And responses of "I hope this winter isn't as bad as the last one." And I observe the man standing in front of me leaning against the closed doors of the train smiling at his phone, as the sound of his wedding ring tapping against the back of his phone as he texts back rings in my ears. And I wonder if the same sound is coming from the home of whoever is texting back. And I stare out train windows taking note of the reflection of the man with the white hair biting his nails. And I feel eyes penetrating me from the boy who stands beside me, but I'm scared to look back. His eyes remind me of the ocean and I've never learned how to swim. And red lights shine on the stairs leading down to the train doors, reminding me of the devil. And I'm then absorbed into the depth of hell, where Ursula runs wild and takes away my ability to walk. And god I don't want to sleep alone tonight, but as I crawl under his blankets, I wonder if I'm a bothersome. And the lonesome boy lays his high head on the shoulder of another, and looks for solitude with the boy that waves his finger in the air and had ever called his mind beautiful. But he moves his shoulder and finds comfort in the hands of others.

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