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Today you didn't even talk to me. When you finally looked my way, you lifted your index finger. And I didn't know fingertips carried weights but the weight on that finger you tried to lift, seemed to be too heavy even for the muscles that make up your arm.

I watched you while you were laughing as your friend cut open a milk carton he noticed sitting across the room. And I watched your ominous eyes as they watched every person that crossed your path but they never seemed to even skim across my eyes; but my teary eyes were locked on your jaw as it moved in a tight, vertical motion. And I watched your lips as they pursed to create a bubble with the oxygen that travels through your veins, and I wished to be there. I wished to be the gum kept in between your teeth and wrapped around your tongue with your oxygen blowing me up until I popped with the feeling of your lips. I wished to be the oxygen that ran through your veins helping you breathe.

And I think it's funny how I constantly feel a need for coffee and you always chew that Orbit gum you love. Because you are like my coffee, providing me with the caffeine I crave, helping me run. And I am the gum you chew; kissing me with your tongue as your teeth tear me apart, losing flavor until you throw me away.

Exploring Airman's Cave

On Tynan

We sat in the tiny passageway, exhausted. Our muscles were fatigued from overuse. We were over a mile deep into the cave, hours away from the surface, hours away from food, and hours away from water. Had our curiousity finally gotten the best of us? For the first time ever, I was worried for my life. I couldn't imagine dying, but making it out of the cave seemed even less likely.

It started months ago. After exploring the small caves at Enchanted Rock, we were eager to tackle something a bit more challenging. A search on the internet led us quickly to Airman's Cave - perhaps the most well known cave in Austin. What we didn't know at the time was that it was also an advanced level cave. Few members of the caving community in Austin would attempt the cave. With an average ceiling of 18", Airman's cave was a full 2.5 miles long. But we didn't really know that either. In fact, we knew nothing of caves or caving.

To access the cave, we had to take a hike down a dry creekbed and search for it. After wandering around for a while we spotted a large opening on the hill. That was it.

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