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I just quit Gaming - err sort of

I made a big decision today. I just decided to QUIT gaming League of legends on my PC by Uninstalling the game from my hard drive

You know why? because I couldnt play the game anymore my PC kept on hanging each time I try to play. So in anger I decided to stop playing at home which I play at most of the time and spend half of my life on :/ been 3 years now and maybe this MOVE that I just done will stop it.

STOP MY ADDICTION TO THE GAME. I can spend 14 hrs straight on it. And the only reason I do this is because I am motivated to go A RANK HIGHER than what I have still lots of UPS and DOWNS in the game wherein you always rank up and DOWN. So I spend almost everyday playing this game and YES it IS ADDICTING as you can interact also with the people in the game and comeon this is the most played game in the world.

I may have not quit completely BUT ITS A STEP FORWARD! I can now hopefully focus on my MUSIC abilities cause I know I have potential in the MUSIC field aswell :)

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