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I'm a guy and I'm going to read 50 Shades of Grey!

Yep. Why you may ask? Isn't that a girlie porn book? A-he-he-he ::snicker::. Anyway, I want to better identify and distill the utter mess of what is termed 'effective male sexuality'. I've wrote numerous times about this in the past but this book will give me my first foray into 'practical' male sexuality that almost all women seem to find universally attractive. Despite the years that have gone by since pickup has first gone on the scene there is still a big divide between what women say they want (cultural programming?) and what they respond to (biology). Many men still grow up without old fashioned 'good man' masculine models to rely on as well because of America's inherent bias to politically correct feminism. There is a fine line that divides good men from oppressive men and I hope to turn those shades of grey into black and white. I hope thru synthesis of this work that I will be able to distill those shades mentioned earlier into easy to understand fundamental principles that better define practical male sexuality.

Will this book be the salvation of us all?

On a higher note, personally I honestly believe male sexuality has been suppressed by various forces (radical feminism, the media, sacred cow that 'men are bad', etc...) and because of this our society is falling apart as we men just can't get it up (sometimes quite literally with the worldwide falling T levels). It's kinda hard to have a family when the parents keep going their separate ways for whatever reason. No one seems to like each other anymore and all of America has taken on a very sexual short term gratification bias. Isn't there a better option to the mess we have now??? As for me personally I've kinda shelved the whole woman thing for about a year now but reading 50 shades and distilling the masculine from it would make an excellent capstone project imo to turn knowledge into deep knowledge. I hope to extract the goods that will help men everywhere both get what they want and restore the delicate balance that satisfies both men and women (not one at the expense of the other).

From Sex to Kosmic Konsciousness

On Spiritual Technology

I've been attending a book study on Think and Grow Rich given by Robert Taylor of One Amazing Life (the first and only English/Korean bi-lingual life consultant company in Korea), so I've been carrying around Napoleon Hill's classic with me.

My first time reading over the book a couple years ago, I avoided the chapter on sex transmutation assuming that it would be a kind of moralistic tract that would try to convince me not to have sex. And I didn't want to hear that, I wanted to have sex! But the truth of the text is deeper and more beautiful.

Finally reading this chapter on the subway just now was a quiet revelatory experience that I felt as it surged up my spine and bathed me in gentle, subtle energies that drew the gazes of a few who were subconsciously attuned to it as I walked through the bus terminal. It is amazing what simple text can do to inspire.

The Creative Impulse

Napoleon Hill states in so many words that sex energy is the source of all creativity, that can be put to either creative use or squandered. This is an amazing truth, but I think calling it sex energy confuses the concept with associations to its base physical expression.

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