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Onto the arms of the bear / Taking a bite of the APPL...

Yep it's finally happened as many people predicted. Overconfidence and impulsiveness have rode me onto the arms of the bear. Apple tanked another 25$ overnight and I've lost ALL my profits from the previous day swing trading from Tesla save for 15$ (there's that lunch money I mentioned earlier...) All of this because I thought I could play Apple during it's overhyped press conference. It turns out I was the one who'd be getting played all the way down.

A quick recap of what's happened since my last blog post:

* After market trading shows AAPL down to 493 from 494 after market close. I have a stake at 499 with orders to sell at 503. Hoping an institution bites just long enough for me to get out without much of a loss.

* I sleep (somehow restfully! - playing some Garry's mod and looking at MTG cards before bed prolly helped)

Early On a Sunday Morning: Asian Recap

On Where Pianos Roam

Well then, it's been a couple of weeks since I submitted a proper post here on WPR.  I've been engaged in a good bit of travelling and performing as well as various odds and ends of late, but I have now returned to my regular blogging schedule.

In this absence, I've accumulated a good bit of stuff to blog about.  I wanted to take some time today to catch everyone up on what I've been doing behind the scenes .  .  .  .

On Mother's Day, I spent the afternoon with my Mom.  I cooked a decadent meal comprised of fresh tilapia with rice and fish sauce, and I BAKED A CAKE!!!  Well, a pound cake to be specific, but a cake nonetheless.

Not having an original recipe to work from, I used a store-bought mix and my Mom's brand new oven for the first time.  (I'm on the hunt for a great pound cake recipe if anyone happens to know where one can be found.)

Here was the final result!!

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