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Not My Thing

I've been stalking the TSLA (Tesla) stock charts lately waiting to put in my bigger stake of $5,000. I kept waiting though - when it was 44 - 46 - 48 - 50 - 52 - 56 - 54... I blamed my fear for my indecisiveness as the numbers escalated - waiting for a dip back to 38 which would not happen in the last 2 weeks. My logic said I can't predict the future and urged caution - yet - I did not know whether it was fear or logic pulling the cords now.

Whenever I have a situation like this I do the one thing that separates the wheat from the chaff - taking a small action similar to the bigger one I want to take. I opened up my WellsTrade brokerage account and put in a 300$ buy order for TSLA stock at 51$. Right as I did that and pressed confirm I felt a familiar sense of doom run thru my gut. Logically I've gone thru the homework. Tesla is very likely about to put out a very optimistic earning report on May 6th and given the huge amount of people shorting the stock I stand to make a nice chunk of change when the short squeeze happens. The pessimists will be forced to cover their position by buying more stock and driving it higher and they make up 40% of the stock outstanding atm. It's almost a sure moneymaker at this point - so why didn't I go all in on it?

No matter how much due diligence I try to add to the situation I can't convince myself enough that the stock market is worth learning to make money from. The chances of losing it ALL on Tesla overnight are slim to none - and I am prepared to lose my initial 500$ stake from a month ago. Overall I still can't shake the feeling of dread though.  I guess it's just not my thing. I cannot shake the feeling I could've spent all that time reading assessments and articles and Tesla news on something productive. Hell even something entertaining to decompress may have even be worth more than the paltry 40$ I stand to make if the buy order goes thru and the stock surges another 10$ like last week. 40$ I will make by spending 2-3 hours researching Tesla for a paltry return of 13$/hr approx.

Somewhere out there on the floating rock someone just like me is putting down 10,000$ on Tesla now and will make probably make $1,800 profit by next weeks end on the short squeeze and small speculative bubble being generated on the stock at the moment. And they will be the better off for it financially. And I will know I may have just thrown away another small risk high return situation. Nevertheless I cannot deny that internally I just feel like it's not my thing.

Maybe feelings are meant to be discarded? I've always liked a mix of logic and emotional congruence behind the decisions I make. Some people even say feelings are valueless but from my new age phase they are the gateway into the realms logic cannot reach. There are things people know and have known without the use of derivative logic. The same phenomenon though is used to fuel self-sealing arguments all over the world each day. Would I be better off if I were just an unfeeling beast - the pinnacle of masculinity? Maybe in the material sense - yes - but once again - reflecting on that - it's just not my thing.

I'm Betting on Elon

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Tesla stock is down almost 10% today, after its 2012 earnings report became public. Tesla missed its projections and investors hammered the stock in response. So what did I just do? I just bought a lot of TSLA. Why did I do it? Because I'm betting on Elon.

There's a SeekingAlpha analyst report that's very bearish on Tesla stock. The author writes:

Here's the problem with the author's perspective: He doesn't understand Elon's master plan, nor does he appreciate Elon's "relentlessly resourceful" ability to execute on that plan.

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