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Forgiveness in our hearts.

Resuming the happening of my birthday disaster..... my friend Emma who was the only one to help me out through this tough time, came in and said happy birthday. Then followed with my other friend, Louise, they were the only two who actually wished me a happy birthday. That was a moment of appreciation but also sadness. Just because, nobody knew it was my birthday. Nobody. My old friend Alexa wrote me a letter and Louise was the one to give it to me but, Alexa and i were best friends in the 4th grade and also in 6th. But this year we sorta drifted apart.

When people tell you their experiences they've had with other people, sometimes you need to listen because they might just be right. All my old best friends told me that Emiline was not a good girl and she was just a hypocrite bitch. I didn't believe them, but now i do. People, whether you know it or not, they care about the person you are and are always looking out for you. When you meet the right people and there are bumps along the road but you always manage to stay friends, they'll be by your side forever. Alexa wrote about us thinking of high school and now we finally were, how she wished to be able to give me this letter in person but she got suspended and how she would ALWAYS have my back if i needed her. Always is my favorite word. It represents certain negative and positive things in life. Never hold a grudge against someone because maybe you're holding it against the wrong person. ALWAYS forgive.

Thanks, Mom and Dad

On Tynan

My mom once joked that I make her look like my enemy on my blog. The force that I rebelled against as a youngster was my parents, so they get painted as the opposition sometimes. I'm proud of this rebellious streak, and attribute some of my success to it, but also know that I  would have none of what I have if it wasn't for them.

Even ignoring the all-trumping donation of their genetic material, my parents, along with the rest of my family, are unquestionably the biggest positive force in my life. Although it doesn't usually make it into sappy blog posts like this one, the truth is that every single day, I think about how incredibly lucky I am to have such incredible parents. If I dwell on the thought too long, I find myself fighting back tears of gratitude.

As someone who enjoys a huge degree of personal freedom, I am only now beginning to be able to comprehend the sacrifices that my parents have made for me. I was a difficult child even before I was born, giving my mother 36 hours of labor before finally popping out into the world. From that time until long after I left the house, she and my father put my needs above their own. It's fair to say that for most or all of that time, I didn't realize how profound this sacrifice was, let alone acknowledge it.

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