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It's been so long!

I just now realized that I haven't updated you guys in a month! Time has been passing so fast that I completely forgot! Life for me went from bad to good to bad and back to good again. The first bad, was that silly boyfriend that you all read about. Than I slowly started to get over him, and he came back again, So there is the next bad. He told me he Missed me, and missed everything we did together. He told his girlfriend he would never talk to me again but continued to talk to me, and give me hope. I realized that I had to stop having hope, and had to fully get over him. So I went ahead and blocked him on everything, so I can't have the urge to talk to him. I don't ever want to ruin a relationship between anyone, because I now know how much it hurts, and I don't want to be that other girl. I had a lot of journal entries and letters written to him, and one day something just sparked in me, a lot of anger. So I ripped them all up, and burnt them. It sounds so cliche, like what they do in a movie, but I felt really good after doing it. I felt like I could finally put him in the past. Now it's back to good. I've recently been going to a lot of the Picton Pirates (the hockey team here) games, with one of my very close friends, Morgan, who I'm sure you will be introduced to sometime soon. At the games, this one guy from my class and his friend came and sat with us. The guy from my class is sooooo annoying, and rude, but oh well, he can be funny sometimes. Anyways, his friend is in grade 10, and after going to the games for a while and talking there, we started talking on Facebook. Yeah, not very romantic, talking over Facebook, but. I started to slowly develop feelings for him, and the other day when he said this to me., "Coughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughilikeyouhfjdgfeubgecough" I thought he was just being stupid and coughing because I didn't see the I like you in it. So that made me very happy. How about you guys? Anything interesting happening in your lifes?

Things I'm Not Going to Write About Today

On Tynan

Life has been crazy lately, and I haven't seen my daily writing habit in months. I have a hundred blog posts written, but I forget exactly where they are, and I remember thinking none of them were amazing. So I'm in that position that I created that habit to get out of: it's the night before a post is "due", I'm unwilling to skip a day, and I've sat here for an hour writing intro sentences for a million different posts.

I wanted to write about how, when giving advice, I used to always just tell people to do exactly what I do. In time, I realized that the best way to support someone is to give the advice that will bring them closer to their goals and desires, rather than what you'd do with their resources to get to your own goal. I think I already wrote that post, though, and I'm not sure if I posted it or not. Then I realized that I spent about four hours today explaining to my friends why they should buy bitcoins and possibly buy a plane. So maybe I'm not so good at that, after all.

I scrapped that post and came back to an empty box. What am I thinking about these days, I asked myself?

Well, I have one cool project I'm doing, but it would ruin it to talk about it before it's done, so I have to wait on that. I know exactly what the blog post is going to be, though, and I can't wait to write it.

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