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It's been so long!

I just now realized that I haven't updated you guys in a month! Time has been passing so fast that I completely forgot! Life for me went from bad to good to bad and back to good again. The first bad, was that silly boyfriend that you all read about. Than I slowly started to get over him, and he came back again, So there is the next bad. He told me he Missed me, and missed everything we did together. He told his girlfriend he would never talk to me again but continued to talk to me, and give me hope. I realized that I had to stop having hope, and had to fully get over him. So I went ahead and blocked him on everything, so I can't have the urge to talk to him. I don't ever want to ruin a relationship between anyone, because I now know how much it hurts, and I don't want to be that other girl. I had a lot of journal entries and letters written to him, and one day something just sparked in me, a lot of anger. So I ripped them all up, and burnt them. It sounds so cliche, like what they do in a movie, but I felt really good after doing it. I felt like I could finally put him in the past. Now it's back to good. I've recently been going to a lot of the Picton Pirates (the hockey team here) games, with one of my very close friends, Morgan, who I'm sure you will be introduced to sometime soon. At the games, this one guy from my class and his friend came and sat with us. The guy from my class is sooooo annoying, and rude, but oh well, he can be funny sometimes. Anyways, his friend is in grade 10, and after going to the games for a while and talking there, we started talking on Facebook. Yeah, not very romantic, talking over Facebook, but. I started to slowly develop feelings for him, and the other day when he said this to me., "Coughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughilikeyouhfjdgfeubgecough" I thought he was just being stupid and coughing because I didn't see the I like you in it. So that made me very happy. How about you guys? Anything interesting happening in your lifes?

Online "Lovers"

On Princess Posts

I'm sorry, I really am but I am a firm non-believer in online relationships. I mean, obviously there are exceptions but seriously. You have never even met the guy and you're trying to tell me you LOVE him? You've been "dating" for like a month! You don't even know what love is. You don't trust him because you have to check every freaking social media network to see what he's doing ALL THE FREAKING TIME. This isn't a real relationship, even if you do skype, or do plan to go and meet him someday. You can't love someone you don't know. and you really don't know him. I mean, do you know if his mouth hangs open when he falls asleep? Or if he always starts with his left foot when putting his shoes on? Have you seen the place he runs to when he needs an escape because life has become too hard? Have you felt his heart beating with the same rhythmic movement of your own? Have you felt the protection that his strength promises you? If you can answer yes to these questions than fine, I'll admit maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm being to cynical. But honestly, I don't think you can. And its really sad that you're making all of your life decisions based on a pretend relationship. A fantasy. That's all it is.

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