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Telling my Dad I Failed A Subject

My dad was always used to hearing me say that I was on top of my class. After all, I was class Valedictorian back when I was in high school, which made him very proud. Being without a mom made him even prouder that I had gotten myself a girlfriend that took care of me so much, but it has not always been ups and downs, especially last year when I failed one subject because I just could not understand what my teacher was teaching.

What You Think About When You're Independent

On Tynan

There are two types of people at the poker table, generally. First there are the sharks. They stay quiet and occasionally make comments about the game that intimidate amateur players by revealing just how much they're thinking about. The second group are normal people who are there to have a good time.

Through hours of listening to the second group, I've noticed how different the things are that "normal" people think about, and people like me think about. I'll loosely define "normal" people as people whose lives are dominated by things they HAVE to do, vs. people whose lives are dominated by things they WANT to do.

I thought it might be interesting for people who haven't made the switch to independence to hear what sorts of things rattle around our minds.

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