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Anatomy of a Mistake

Last week I made a HUGE mistake in my business. At least it certainly appeared that way because when I changed a client’s website to from one hosting company to another she experienced problems receiving and sending e-mails.Although she was in vacation some of these emails were essential to some very important negotiations, one involving millions of dollars.Every day for 5 days new glitches occurred with her emails—no solution lasted long and never resulted in emails as usual.She was angry and anxious, among other things; and she let me know this.

What’s a mistake? You make a decision, act and there are consequences you don’t want. For example, we decide to leave for a meeting but we get distracted and get their late, or forget and miss the meeting entirely. Or we invest money in an opportunity and lose the money because it was a scam.Or someone decides for chemo-therapy for cancer and after many weeks or months of discomfort, 6 months later the cancer is still there.

Mistakes happen because we aren’t as focused and thorough as we can be when we act or make decisions.Since we take many actions and make many choices in a day, we can’t spend much time thinking about many of our choices--it’s automatic. Some decisions are more important and even when you spend the time looking at your choices you don’t always get what you expect or want.

In short sometimes you act or you make decisions that result in consequences that result in feeling frustrated/disappointed/powerless/angry/desperate.You’ve made a mistake!Others are “paying” for this mistake and perhaps have similar feelings, and they usually blame you.You are responsible.More suffering and misery.

What can you do?

The Secret To Happiness

On No Status Quo

For years I've been pondering what could be the key to living a happier, more fulfilled life. Today, I think I have the answer.

Forget about money, fame, fancy cars, relationships, exercise, family, traveling, new experiences or even good health. Because none of that matters if you don't know how to appreciate it.

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