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You people know where to look when your eyes lay weary

No rest behind crystal tears.

You got so many places to have fun, run and die...

Well, open a new way out.

Tell me now honey, tell me truth

Belief in the Angels

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The angels, whom Allâh created from light, are superb beings of purely spiritual nature. They cannot normally be seen with our naked eyes nor their presence felt. They do not require air, food, drink or sleep like other living things. They have no physical desires of any kind nor material needs. They do notexperience fatigue. They spend their days and nights in the service of Allâh. They are not bestowed with freewill; they only obeythe commands of Allâh. There are innumerable angels, and each one is assigned a specific duty. Allâh has revealed to us the names and the duties of some of the angels. Gabriel and Michael are among the angels mentioned in the Qurân. For instance, it is Gabriel’s duty to take God’s revelation to the prophets and messengers.

"Praise be to God Who created (out of nothing) the heavens and the earth Who made the angels, messengers with wings. " [The Qurân Ch: 35 Fatir, V: 1]

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