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Recent Recruitment Trends

The following trends are being seen in recruitment:

A company may draw required personnel from outsourcing firms. The outsourcing firms help the organization by the initial screening of the candidates according to the needs of the organization and creating a suitable pool of talent for the final selection by the organization.

Outsourcing firms develop their human resource pool by employing people for them and make available personnel to various companies as per their needs. In turn, the outsourcing firms or the intermediaries charge the organizations for their services.

Advantages of outsourcing are:

Why Employees Leave the Organization - Life Insurance Industry Perspective

On Insight HR and Training Consultants

Yesterday, I met one of my colleague of Life Insurance Industry and discussed about happenings in Life Insurance Industry.

He told me one good sentence, applies truly in financial services. If there is one leadership vacancy in Bank, candidates lined up to go there, however if there is one leadership vacancy in Life Insurance (in-spite of the fact that the entry level position - sales manager or unit manager itself is a leadership profile), you have to literally convince a person to join. Hence its not now a recruitment activity, its a marketing activity"

Identifying the right candidate is a problem in entire life insurance industry. If we really wish to get rid of it, we need to know, why people in life insurance really leaves the organization. I don't tell you to go once again in processes like exit interview or surveys and get trapped in processes. I am telling you to apply common sense and find out few reasons to start with. these reasons could be...

1) Retaining the Existing One

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