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Shoebox app - backup your photos online


I have been thinking about all the pictures I have snapped during the last 12 years, that I have some sort of digital camera. A lot of memories preserved, and a lot of emotions captured in one huge collection. About 15000 pictures lie around on my PCs and laptops for years.

What I realized recently gave me a chill - I do not have a backup of my photos! Actually, I have copied all my photos from my desktop PC to my laptop, but there are some additional photos on my smartphone. I also have some duplicated backup folders with pictures copied from my previous smartphones and cameras, and it's all one big mess.

When I purchased my Samsung Galaxy SIII I have got a free 50 GB Dropbox storage plan, which I have used among other things, for backup of my documents and pictures. Easy to forget, this free plan had two year duration period, and after it expired, Dropbox politely informed me to pay up (120 EUR a year) to continue or move out. I think that giving an user something for free and then revoking it is good way to lose a customer.

Luckily, I have found another service, which backs up all your photos for free, although in limited resolution (1024 pix on long side). It is called Shoebox. They also have a paid plan ($48 per year) to store unlimited original resolution images online.

Using Evernote to Clip Online Recipes

On Mike Dariano

Holy crap am I a dummy. I love using Evernote. I love online recipes. I love combining two loves. Peanut butter and chocolate, movies and popcorn, flights without children. I love linking this to that and somehow I missed a beauty, Evernote and recipes.

Just like the pilgrims discovering new land, I've discovered a new way to use Evernote, but it will include more technology and less extermination of native people.

To start, grab the Evernote Web Clipper. Connect the web clipper to your Evernote account and prepare to get your mind blown and stomach filled. Navigate to your favorite recipe - maybe Alton Brown's Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe - and clip as a "Simplified Article". Then through the magic* of the internet, it gets saved to your Evernote account. This is level one, the pilgrims landing and unloading the boat in frigid Virginia.

Open up your Evernote program - download this if you don't have it - then highlight all the bullet points, deselect bullet points, and make them check boxes. Viola, you have a shopping list! This is the pilgrims time traveling to today and seeing people surfing in sunny California.

Clipping the recipe like this also includes the recipe instructions, which means I'll be able to make a turkey, so long as I can keep the mashed potatoes off the iPad screen.

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