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Good Morning, y'all? Did you grab that cup of coffee yet and the newspaper? Well, I haven't gotten to that part yet. I'm struggling between leaving the house to go write, or clean and then go write. My fiancé is a little (TOO) messy so it keeps me anxious. There's always something to do with him, around.

Anyhow, everyone for the past few years have been talking about the book, and the documentary. The Law of Attraction? Is this something I should read up on? I looked at the reviews and it was half and half. Some people said "THIS IS THE BOOK!" While others said "THIS WAS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY"....I'm not sure what I should do. I want to purchase it, but not waste money at the same time either. Should I watch the documentary, first? SOMEBODY HELLLLPP!!!

Burr Grinder Coffee Adventures

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So, I'm exploring how to make great coffee.

The thing about making great coffee is that it means something different to everyone.  Here's what it means to me:  The coffee is dark and flavorful.  It doesn't taste like it's watered down.  It has a great aroma and makes me smile when I drink it.  I guess this blog is really about how to maximize the 'smile' factor.

I'm no coffee pro or snob.  Just a guy who wants better-than-average coffee.  My colleague Jeremia, who knows a heck of a lot more about coffee than I do, just informed me the other day that the lighter blends actually have more caffeine than darker blends, because the caffeine is roasted out of coffee the longer it roasts.  Now there's a guy who knows his coffee.  To thank him for that pearl of knowledge, I just bought him some raw Luwak coffee, straight from Indonesia.  We'll see what he does with that bad boy.

Today I tested three burr coffee grinders to figure out which one was best: the Capresso 560 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder , Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, and Mr. Coffee BVMC-BMH23 Automatic Burr Mill Grinder .  Previously we had been using the Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder but the coffee just wasn't coming out with enough flavor.

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