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A life with No Way to Freedom.

This morning I woke up feeling great, made my breakfast and had a nice bottle of water. After my fiancé left out to work, my thoughts started getting the best of me. I'm human just like the rest of you, but sometimes I feel stuck! I could be the most positive person in the world, but I'll always feel a sense of me lacking something. Today, this has a lot to do with chasing dreams and making a living to keep myself alive. Times get hard and sometimes you're going to have to go through a few challenges, but some are just agonizing. I trust in God and I believe when he's ready to move me -He'll do that!

My Experience at Burning Man 2010

On Tynan

I once went to a B.B. King concert, not because I'd ever owned a single song of his or had any familiarity with his music or his genre, but because I knew he was the best at what he did. In that same vein, I've always wanted to experience Burning Man, not because I care about hippies, techno music, drugs, or art, but because it's the biggest and best event of its kind in the world.

For years I intended to go to Burning Man, but the problem is that Burning Man requires a huge degree of preparation. As I found out firsthand, it's located in one of the least hospitable areas of the United States, which means that you need more stuff than you're used to needing (goggles, water, etc.), and you must provide it all yourself. So each year passed by with my intentions dissolving into the reality of a fast approaching deadline and not having prepared at all. But this year was different. A friend of mine took the initiative to rent a huge RV, recruit a Burning Man veteran to come with us, and generally organize the trip.

"Well," I thought, "it's never going to be easier than this. I may as well go."

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