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The future of Lotteries

The lottery industry today is facing its biggest threat in years. While past generations saw lottery as an exciting and affordable form of entertainment, it’s lost relevance and, as an industry, has not kept pace with the changes in consumer entertainment preferences, delivery, or technology.

While the world has moved online, consumers are still expected to get in their cars and drive down to the local convenience store to get their lotto tickets. In fact, less than 1% of global lottery sales happen online, a scary statistic when considering lottery is mass consumer-facing product. The problem is not limited to the delivery mechanism, as lotteries also face an impending audience crunch. The average player in most jurisdictions is over 55 years of age (literally dying off) and the current products are not appealing to younger generations, meaning there’s a limited replacement audience in sight. The failure of traditional suppliers to keep up with consumer and technology trends has held the lottery industry behind the curve, while also blocking the flow of new innovations to the industry.

A few years ago, when online gaming options were more limited, the industry could get away with the traditional supplier model. That time has since passed. Now we have 6.5 million million social gamers playing gambling games on Facebook and mobile devices. (6.46-million South Africans registered on Facebook)

Daniel Speaks at Digital Hollywood

On DROdio

I was a panelist at the Digital Hollywood Fall 2009 event, held at the Loews Hotel in sunny Santa Monica, CA (that's a picture I took on my iPhone of the happy hour event above).

You can find the PointAbout page describing the event here.

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