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Birthday resolution

Hey Friends !

Its time for birthday resolution. My birthday is around the corner. On my last birthday I decided to become a vegetarian.(Hell I started craving for meat by end of that day itself). I am happy that I made it. except for couple of times I missed it. I lacked will power that time and could not resist aroma and appearance of the dish. But overall I have eliminated option of meat from my food menu.

This does not mean that I am very health conscious or I have super natural will power. It does only mean that now I am a vegetarian.

I can see some of you are asking "How do you feel about it? ". Well, I am feeling good for various reasons.

1) I love vegetables and coincidently God has made vegetables mostly green, which is my favorite color too. God was kind enough to make vegetables more nutritious.

Passion in Others, Drives Momentum Within

On Life, Happening Now

Passion is what separates separates thinkers from doers. Ideas can sit in our heads for hours, but passion is the ignition that burns the fuel of ideas into a wildfire of action. Last night I had a conversation with an old friend and he helped me realize that, no matter what, if you have passion you will succeed.

The last couple of days, my inspiration has been sparse for my entries. However, I know that bringing myself to churn out a series of thoughts reinforces my passion and generates momentum for events that are unfolding in the coming days. Even this appointment that I had with an old friend - he was at a young entrepreneur's house who I chatted with for sometime about his business. As dialogue unfolded, I got lit up about my future and passion as I heard him share about his. The more we share, the more we encourage each other, the better quality of life we move into. You will find people bailing out of your life that don't support your dreams and goals, and, almost like magnetism, people that want to help you with your dream and care about your happiness will come rushing into your life. These people that engage with you and add to the reality you are trying to create will give you a spark of insight. They will make you feel alive! You will genuinely feel energized and exhilarated when you leave these people and situations. Talk about your dreams and stay aware.

Let your joy and exhilaration in life be the gauge for which you discover your passion. Discontinue things you don't enjoy.

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