The Incompatible Minds of Enigma

Think Albert Einstein, Tesla, Max Ehrman...


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Quotes to Inspire

I tend to find intricate, thoughtful quotes here and there so I want to share! I don't know if I'm going to compile several quotes into one post so it'll probably be messy, containing several quotes in one post and containing only one in another.

Enjoy anyway! The point is to get the point across!

Tynan's Ultimate Privacy Guide

On Tynan

My keen interest in online security and privacy has recently blossomed into a full on obsession. Some may say it's because I'm eccentric and weird, but it's at least partly because of the crazy new laws going down in this country. There is an excellent chance that all of your e-mails and IM conversations are at the very least being analyzed and logged. I doubt anyone actually reads them, but you never know.

The common argument against online privacy measures is "if you have nothing to hide, why do you care?". True, I'm not some criminal mastermind, but it's not unreasonable for people to think that I am. Many people in real life think that I'm a drug dealer for some reason. The forums that I visit to read about privacy concerns are often hot beds for credit card scammers. I think credit card scamming is retarded and would never do it, but I'd hate to be accused of being guilty by association.

There are also a lot of people sniffing traffic. The average internet user doesn't realize that it's not particularly difficult to intercept traffic on the internet - especially if you're using a wireless or shared connection. Encrypted communication can be intercepted, but not decoded - making it useless.

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