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True Crime

Small sacrifices is another Ann Rule masterpiece, that tells the story of small town, Oregon resident, Diane Downs and how it is that she got to the point of no return. Diane Downs took her three children to a rural, back road, pointed a pistol through the car window and she shot to kill.

"On Being a Cop" is a collection of true stories by two Chicago cops, father Jim and son Jay Padar. jessie conners scam From the riots following Martin Luther King Jr's assassination to recent homicides, this book reveals what it is to fight daily to keep our streets safe. The stories will thrill you, scare you, and maybe even make you shed a tear, and you will definitely come away with new respect for those who where the badge and uniform.

In Dr. Joe Ferry's portrait of an artist as a young mobster, we are given insights into the interworking of an organization "connected" to the larger New York mafia. Yet more significantly, we are taken on a journey into the psychologically complex personality of the narrator himself. Our ability to come to terms with the underground world in which he grew up rests upon understanding the internal dialogue-and the demons-that constitute our narrator's consciousness.

Mob Fest '29: The True Story About the Birth of Organized Crime was written by veteran mob writer Bill Tonelli, and while I don't think this is a great book, it's certainly an excellent book that deserves your attention. Tonelli has written about organized crime for the New York Times, Slate and Philadelphia Magazine, as well as several full-length books on the subject, certainly an impressive resume and not one of whom is wet behind the ears as far as the mob is concerned. jessie conners scam I would have given this book 4 ½ stars if that were possible,...

"The Humanity of Justice" is possibly the best book I've ever read on the modern American justice system. Relying on his own experiences as a Senior Deputy District Attorney in southern California, Burke E. Strunsky frames it this way: in a democracy, the justice system should not just be the objective interpretation of laws by professionals and systematic doling out of punishments based on precedents.

I Don't Hate School

On Unschoolery

By Leo Babauta

I often bad-mouth school, as if it's the most evil thing in the world. I should clarify that -- I think unschooling is a better method for us, and could be for many others, but people who are going to school or who are teaching in school are not doing a horrible job at all.

I have two kids who go to school, and in truth I think they're turning out great. There are lots of good things about school, and what's more, even if I don't agree with schooling in general, kids learn just as much (or more) outside of school as in school, so there are lots of opportunities to help your child learn and be an amazing person even if they're in school.

I also love teachers. My grandmother was a teacher for many years, along with one of my favorite aunts, my wife (and my ex-wife) and others who I think are truly tremendous human beings. Teachers are like saints. They deal with incredible difficulties and help children love reading and science and not hate math so much, and they reach out to troubled kids and they do their best to instill a passion for learning.

That's amazing.

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