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The Beginning

I have had my Sett account for a few months trying to decide what I want to use it for. At best, I believe Sett should be a learning tool for myself. So that's how I will be using it. I have been wanting to grow as a writer and I decided that this community was the best way to grow in that way. I plan to just write about whatever I feel like writing about here. That will mostly include product reviews, streams of thought, fitness lessons, whatever pops into my brain. I have my own more serious blog that focuses on menswear, motorcycles, and music over at The Highway Kind. The things I feel more strongly about will end up there. I may even write something here, then decide that I should move it there. The point is, I don't plan on taking this too seriously, so please follow my cue and do the same.

Patriots 2014 Season Preview Part 1: Offense

On Boston Sports Daily

NFL Training camp is well underway and as the New England Patriots take to the field for joint practices with the Washington Redskins, speculation increases about the 2014 season.

Today is part 1 of the Patriots season preview and it will detail the offensive side of the football.

Where we left off –

The Patriots 2013 season ended abruptly with an AFC Championship Game loss to the Denver Broncos as many remember. Many might not remember the abundance of injuries that occurred on the offensive line. The group became nothing short of a mash unit by the end of the season and into the playoffs. The defensive injuries were more notable, but there’s no doubt 37 year old Tom Brady will feel a little more comfortable with a healthy line in 2014. Brady was also left with exactly 0 receiving targets above 6 feet to throw to in that playoff game, which brings us to this point.

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