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The Beginning

I have had my Sett account for a few months trying to decide what I want to use it for. At best, I believe Sett should be a learning tool for myself. So that's how I will be using it. I have been wanting to grow as a writer and I decided that this community was the best way to grow in that way. I plan to just write about whatever I feel like writing about here. That will mostly include product reviews, streams of thought, fitness lessons, whatever pops into my brain. I have my own more serious blog that focuses on menswear, motorcycles, and music over at The Highway Kind. The things I feel more strongly about will end up there. I may even write something here, then decide that I should move it there. The point is, I don't plan on taking this too seriously, so please follow my cue and do the same.

The fix is In!

On Observations of a Broken Follower

Why do I believe that pro sports is fixed? While I always enjoy this conversation over coffee with any number of different people, it never fails to surprise me how the vast majority can name ten bad calls that their team had games lost on, but do not remember a pair of bad calls that won the game for their team. Perhaps some just blindly follow a team (or player) and forget about the game itself. I always ask them, do you watch the game or do you watch your team? Usually they consider these one in the same, but they are certainly not.

Up until about 5 years ago I believed like the majority of fans do, that its all just played out on the field from week to week. Then someone suggested that my team, The 6 time Super Bowl champs, had been given a ring when they played Seattle in the Super Bowl XL game. I scoffed at them, and then they said something that changed it for me. "Go back and watch the game without your team bias. Watch the calls, watch the non calls, and then tell me what you think."

Well I did that, and the skeptic was born.

I noticed things that, had I been pulling for the Seahawks, I would have been livid. From there I started watching all games in a different light. Honestly before this time I watched my team and the local team (Colts) and that was about it. Then I started into fantasy football and I watched more games. Games that I really didn't care about. I had no dog in the fight. These were the ones that were easiest to spot things in. From there, I started to ask why? Why would they fix games?

Ask yourself that, and the answer is obvious. Money.

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