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Connect with Others

I believe one of the most powerful revolutionary acts, is to simply connect with the people around you and talk about real issues. This is something that I've only recently began to understand the true importance of. For the past number of years I have had this idea that I was alone in the world when it came to the ideas and perspectives that I held. That if I shared what I thought with the people around me that they would think I was crazy and wouldn't want to be around me. This was very isolating, and pushed me to spend most of my time alone learning about what I was interested in. Yet there has been a seismic shift in public perception recently with the unveiling of the NSA spying scandal and Edward Snowden. With mainstream papers like The Guardian and The Washington Post reporting on it, I believe it has opened the floodgates for people to have open discussions about government corruption and the 1984 society that is being created. Instead of automatically being labelled a conspiracy theorist, real discussions can now occur. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for it all.

In a lot of ways, I think taking the time on my own to learn about all the different things and coming to my own conclusions has been incredible. It allowed me to build a solid intellectual platform that is no easy task to break. On the other hand, I believe the metal is hot and ready to strike. With the public now so much more open to the ideas of government corruption and a big brother type society, I believe I have a message to share.

The message that I have is twofold. The first part of it includes taking all of the individual news stories and putting them together in a comprehensive model of the world. When you look at the IRS scandal, where they were targeting their political enemies, connect it with the NSA spying of every single thing you do and say, and add in the demonization of Edward Snowden as a terrorist for simply blowing the whistle, it begins to make sense. Everyday citizens who stand up and do the right thing, will be tracked, surveilled and listened to, and ultimately targeted. These targeting could include tax audits, SWAT team raids, or simple executions.

The second part of my message, and my reason for creating my blog is what we can do about it. With the NSA scandal exposed, the great masses have been awakened to what is going on. The conversation has shifted from “you’re a conspiracy theorist for talking about government corruption” to, “wow, we are in a police state, but there isn't anything that we can do about it”. I’m looking to change that. I've made this blog to highlight the changes that I have made in my own life. These changes are simple, yet the more people that make them, the better off we will be.

Don't stop. Keep moving. Keep the fire burning... no matter what.

On No Status Quo

Today I saw a woman walking out of a parking lot carrying rolls of toilet paper under her arm.

A lot of people do that, carry toilet paper. I mean, everyone needs to buy toilet paper. (Or not, I guess, depending on your lifestyle preferences... I ain’t judgin’...)

But this woman... She was maybe in her early forties, a little pudgy, and she had this blank, bored look on her face.

Like she was just going through the motions of day to day living.

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