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Fitness One - Indiranagar, Bangalore, India

Indians value "paisa vasool" (value for money) more than any other factor while making a purchase.

So I'll tackle that at the end, if at all I do. This one is about the gym. What you feel when you workout, the kind of people around you and the kind of free advice trainers dish out (this is all part of paisa vasool).

First things first, this is one of the few gyms I have worked out in, which has an entire floor for free wights. The only corruption is a Smith machine, but it at least gets people to squat and bench, so I don't begrudge it. This floor is a terrace converted into a floor with a false ceiling and sliding windows, which lends it a raw edge. No air conditioning, speakers which seldom work and hence free of (another corruption) music. Enough benches and enough space. One of the few gyms in Bangalore with a proper squat rack. So your squat isn't the least common denominator of your overhead press or your partner's snatch!

The free weights section also has a LOT of 45lbs discs. So the strongmen can really get going without having to cobble together 45lbs with 5/10lbs discs. This also helps your DL form, but not making you bend lower than you need to. Dumbbells aren't in short supply either. Almost every weight till 60lbs has two pairs available. The one major drawback though is the lack of kettlebells. Replaceable with dumbbells, but not without a loss in training efficiency. For gymmers looking to do box jumps - disappointment again. Because of the windows around this free weight section there is almost nothing you can use as a box of challenging enough height.

A stretching section as long and as wide as the free weights section that it runs parallel to, also where you can skip and try doing box jumps on the perimeter wall (this one is a bit too high to do on a regular basis, maybe for your "really explosive" days!).

"Run!" ...nope.


My latest moment of "Try Harder Isn't The Answer" was after my first in-the-gym workout in a couple months. I've been training with bodyweight nearly every day, but today was the first time I got into the gym and got in squat, bench, deadlift.

The workout was rather brutal. I over-did it. (That's not humblebragging, I like, stupidly overdid it. I'll be more sore tomorrow than I need to be. I wasn't paying enough attention and should've started lower.)

Combine this with two new protocols -- multi-purpose clothing that can function for business casual or fitness meant I had on a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, and boots for more heat than normal, and training at a more rapid pace for metabolic development...

...and I get out of the gym nearly about to keel over and throw up.

Well, good enough.

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