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How to Establish Value for the Present

On Life, Happening Now

I started this morning with my normal routine: get up at 4:45, fumble to turn on the espresso machine, check social media, and head out the door to the pool. This morning, however, I saw a post about a drunk driver that crashed into an Austin music venue killing two people and critically injuring 23. This venue was the same venue that my brother is supposed to DJ at this week

At 5:00 in the morning, without even my first sip of my espresso, I got chills. I felt so human.

I quickly scrambled to find a news video about the tragedy to see if I could glean some information about the people that got hurt. I also checked to see when the A$AP Mob show was, because that is the show he is DJing.

The A$AP mob show is tonight. A wave of relief came over me, followed by a wave of gratitude, followed by a sense of delicacy and fragility. This human life and its experiences are so intricately woven together. Our lives are so uniquely balanced. On one hand we possess these intangible qualities - these reinforced concrete shells of personality, character, drive and emotion that shape our identity. And on the other hand, the flesh of our bodies is so ephemeral and time-sensitive and often we overlook and forget the inevitable and very definite outcome of our life - death.

With these thoughts in mind, we can begin to look to the future in order to establish value for the present. Time-sensitive material, whether food, vacation, etc. - especially when its our own - automatically becomes exponentially more important when we become aware of it's expiration date.

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