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Decisions, Decisions

It seems to be such a simple thing, making a decsion. For most, perhaps it is. For me, not so much.

Today I want to think out loud about desicion making and duality; the division between good and bad; higher and lower selves and how each aspect filters and affects my decision making.

I struggle with deciding...with choosing. It does not really matter what the decisions is that I have to make. What should I eat? Should I bake this potato or mash it? Should I go out with my friends or stay home and study? I want this shirt..it looks great. Should I buy it? It some times takes me hours to make a decision about any one of this simple things...only to decided to not make any move at all because i am afraid to decide. It's a pattern that I am noticing..becoming aware of.

I am exploring the idea of my own duality...and am seeing a clear correlation, a pattern emerging. My "good" self, my higher self gently guides me to the way that is right for me..The quiet whisper of encouragment that would give me inner peace and synchronicity with my goals and dreams. But its usually the hard stuff, the fear laden stuff that I am not willing under it all to commit to.

Odd and Unimportant Quirks I Have

On Tynan

Nothing fancy today. There are a bunch of things I do that are fairly unique but probably wouldn't ever come up on this site. Maybe some of them will give you ideas, or maybe you'll just think I'm weird.

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