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Neutral Brown Makeup for a Professional Evening Event

As you can tell by now, I like shimmer shades! I'm an NC 37 in MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation with warm-neutral undertones and with my rabbit brown eyes, I think it just looks good one me (of course this is MY opinion, you may think differently and I don't mind hearing back.) Now of course, with age, we're supposed to lessen the use of frost, shimmer and the like, but I believe it depends on your technique, lid type and the product. I tend not to use frost and if I want some sparkle, I prefer shimmer, satin, or fine glitter. Here are a few good references on eye shapes and eyeshadow textures, which are important (as they may help you go a long way with improving eye design techniques.)

Robert Jones Academy Eye Shapes (an interactive guide)

Beautylish article - What's Your Eye Shape (examples with celebrities)

MakeupTutorials article - Types of Eyeshadow + How to Apply Them (sorry, lots of ads)

The Fancy Face - Tips for Beginners...Eyeshadow Finishes & Textures (dated and based on MAC eyeshadows, but one of the best I've found because she shows the products on the skin.)

Early On a Sunday Morning

On Where Pianos Roam

So, I thought I'd take some time to share a little about some new projects I am working on.  I certainly like to stay busy even in my spare time. First off, I'm just about finished with this .  .  . If you're wondering what in tarnation this glob of yarn is, it is a scarf that I am knitting for a friend who lives up north.  It's very soft and warm and should be quite useful in the winter months. I have also started on my first really big knitting project.  This one may take me weeks to get done. Here is the yarn I am using: I am knitting a throw blanket made out of mitered squares that look like this: This is gonna look very funky when I'm done. Before I really got into music, I used to draw a whole lot.  In fact, I think I've been a visual artist more than I've been a musician during most of my life.  I've been feeling the itch to return to my lost artform, and I've stocked up on some supplies .  .  . Equipped with a drawing pad, compass, protractor, kneaded eraser, and graphite pencils, I'm going to start having fun drawing again.  There's some really cool stuff I am just antzy to document on paper.  I'll be blogging about some of my previous works this week. Lastly, I'll be taking a lot of photographs this summer.  There's just so much beauty that abounds. Of course, I continue to document the fashion statements of my dear niece Alai.  My fashionista strikes again!!  She walked into my room having thrown this cute little ensemble together.  This girl's got skills .  .  . I am also getting ready to unveil new press/promo photos as well as my newly updated monthly newsletter. What can I say?  Life is short, and there 's just too much that I love to do. Stay tuned for more art to come. -gordon

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