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Natasha Denona's Sunset Palette is OUT & Stunning!

It's on it's way! Thank you Beautylish team! They have excellent customer service! Even helped me with choosing a different shipper due to my having issues with a certain provider.

This palette is so lovely and in line with the quality of her Star palette, which I've raved about. Apparently the Crystal Chroma finish has been improved (likely due to that really being the only quality complaint customers had with the formula when it debuted in the Star palette.)

Check out the new Sunset palette on Beautylish's site, where I just learned it's already sold out as I was writing, wow!

And even on Natasha's site it's sold out! Argh! Well keep your eyes out (and a little techie watch on the pages). I'll definitely be reviewing it as soon as it arrives.

Learn the Basics

On Zalman Silber

Makeup for me is a way to highlight your beauty to bring out the better qualities. It starts with an understanding that makeup is not to hide you but to “enhance”. First, ensure the skin is properly cleansed before applying anything. When the skin is free from impurities it makes for a more appealing finish. The key is to start with a good foundation that matches your skin tone. If the foundation is off it is likely that the overall finish product will not be as you desired. When it comes to the eyes and eyebrows one important key to remember is to never use an eye pencil to draw a line on your eyebrows. You are hoping to achieve a beautiful finish not something comical. For the eyelids choose neutral tones if you are a beginner. This way you won’t end up looking like a paint job. The lips are pretty simple and that’s just it; keep them simple. if you are not sure about your lipstick shade then forget it and a lip-gloss or lip color. At the end of the day do not allow your makeup to wear you.

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