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Is Your Cheat Day Getting You on Track or Setting You Back?

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Cheat days are incorporated into various diets primarily as a reward or to take a break from an otherwise monotonous string of meals. There is much more to taking the weekly cheat day than simple pleasure, of course, that depends on which diet plan you are currently using. Different diets will most likely have vastly different physiological effects on the body and it’s your current physiological state that will dictate whether or not a cheat day is right for you.

The perfect diet should be able to do the following things, no exception:

1) It must be a diet you can easily adhere to for the rest of your life 2) It must be flexible, you should not have to force feed yourself things you dislike 3) It must produce positive results in a reasonable amount of time

The addition of a cheat day certainly makes it easier to meet the aforementioned criteria. A cheat day can make a diet far simpler to stick with in the long term. A cheat day offers much more flexibility in a diet but the question is, will a cheat make it difficult to acquire desired results in a reasonable time frame? The answer is a definitive yes, if you happen to be one of the many people taking on the Slow Carb Diet.

The Slow Carb Diet was first introduced to the mainstream in 2007 and further expanded on in the Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. The Slow Carb Diet is utilized the glycemic index, which is a proven standard by which we can measure the quality of carbohydrates and food composition. Foods lower on the glycemic index will not spike blood sugars, thereby avoiding a rise in Insulin which will store the sugar as body fat. These low GI foods are precisely what the Slow Carb Diet incorporates and this type of diet has been proven to lead to significant weight loss.

Phentermine+b12 Weight Loss

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One of my many problems is, of course, my weight.I bounce around between 275 and 265 lbs and have been overweight nearly my entire life.Another one of my problems is my eternal lethargy. Whether the lethargy is because of my weight or the cause of my weight is anyone's guess.Though I'm sure they're related.

So when I heard of phentermine and b12 shots, It seemed like just the thing I needed. Something to increase my energy, suppress my appetite AND improve my mood? Um, yes. Sign me up.However, after doing some research on the internet, I found that the opinions on this treatment are extremely varied.

It seems that one thing is for sure:either phentermine/b12 is the greatest, healthiest, safest, most effective weight loss treatment ever provided, or it is a deadly chemical cocktail that WILL kill you in every way possible all at once.

..Naturally, I went to my local health and weight clinic last Thursday to try it for myself.

So for those of you interested, the process went something like this-After filling out the usual medical forms at the desk and being weighed, measured and checked for high blood pressure, I was escorted into a small room by a doctor to answer a few questions and be told what to expect. She then led me to another room for bloodwork and the b12 shot..

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