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Lessons of the week

So, I'm on the tail end of a cold. I was able to work from home yesterday, which allowed me to slow down and rest enough that I'm feeling better today. I'm not 100%, but I do feel better. Listen to your body and give it a rest once in a while. Don't rely on pharmacology to mask symptoms so you can bull doze through. Slow down. Rest. Recover.

I've been doing business and marketing research in preparation for opening my own Karate School for well over a year now. In that time, I've done exercises to define my ideal client, the type of business I want to create and how what I have to offer will be unique and valuable to the community in which it will reside. I offered to share my market research with the owner of another business, who offers Dance Lessons (a school which my daughter and son both attend). Her reaction was reluctant at first, then she asked me if I was offering the information to her as a consultant and whether or not there would be a fee. I was taken back a moment that she would think I would charge for something of that nature. Then it dawned on me. Before I offered to share that information with her, I had explained that the research had been conducted by me for over a year.

I wanted to convey to her that the information was good and she took my qualifying statement as me expressing it had value (which it definitely does). It was a bit of a wake up call for me on how implied value can be taken as real value and how the offer of knowledge is only as valuable as its perceived need.

My son recently decided to take a break from practicing Capoeira. He thought it would just consist of him not attending classes anymore. What he didn't realize was that he is a member of a community. He'd been attending that school, with those people for almost 4 years! My wife and I discussed it with him (prior to his "break") and allowed him the final decision. Upon completing his contract in December, we did not renew his lessons. Wednesday night 1/22/2014, my son came to me and told me he wanted to go back to Capoeira. He said he missed his friends. He'd forgotten about that part of the equation when he decided to take a break. I hope I can build the same type of engaging community around my school that Canto Do Galo has built around theirs.

Why I Don't Read Your Blog, And Why You Maybe Shouldn't Read Mine

On Tynan

Roger Bannister ran a four minute mile in 1954 because he didn't know that you weren't supposed to be able to run a four minute mile. If he read running blogs, talking about how impossible it was to run a mile in four minutes, he probably wouldn't have done it.

I don't read running blogs. I don't read any blogs at all, which makes me into a huge hypocrite since I think that everyone should read my blog. It's worth it, though, to preserve the sanctity of original action. One of life's most instructive processes is acting when you've received no directions, can't predict the outcome, and are unclear on the boundaries. Only in these situations can one use all of the different areas of his brain in concert.

People ask me RV questions, and when I reply, I wonder if I'm doing them a disservice, only because I fondly remember the years of discovery I went through with my RV. I bought my RV without having ever slept in an RV before; I decided to live in it without knowing that anyone had ever lived on urban streets in an RV before (which, as it turns out, is rather common in San Francisco).

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