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New to Blogging and to SETT

Hey everyone,

I am new to blogging and came across SETT as a blogging platform. I signed up and got my blog running quite fast (immediately) actually.

What I like about SETT so far?

It is quite easy to use. Of course I did not have the chance to test the features and options but at least I am able to post this message in no time.

I don't like the complexity in other blogging platforms. They are either very complex and become like designing a website or very simple to the extent that the look and feel are not interesting.

Chicken and Egg Talk

On Enlighten Path

The famous "chicken or egg comes first" debate is here again. This news is really about chicken or egg. The issue here is to wash the eggs or to treat the chicken. Only a small minority, which includes America, believes in washing the eggs at the price of heavy energy consumption for refrigeration.

Americans, Japanese, Australians and Scandinavians bathe their eggs and refrigerate them. In contrast other countries will just leave them on a shelf or out in the open air. About a hundred years ago, many people around the world washed their eggs. That changed when a batch of rotten eggs, which had been washed in Australia, contaminated the rest of the eggs that were being washed. This left a bad impression on its British importers.

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