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Windows RT 8: The apps which you need.

Forget what you think you know about Windows RT, the media have been on a witch hunt and in the process misled the consumer about this Operating System and the hardware which runs it.While you can read more on why i think thiselsewhere on this blog. this post is about Windows RT Apps and what works.

While it may not have all the abilities of its sibling to install apps on the Desktop, this is still a Windows machine with the ability to connect to mapped drives and mount lots of external media. While you could do all this management from the desktop explorer RT is about the apps. What this app offers above many of the others is its simple layout which makes dragging and dropping files between mapped folders easier.

It's worth noting if you do want to see a nas drive as a mapped drive for example, you'll need to do the actual drive mapping (for now) in the Desktop explore app. However once done you can create links within this app to any sub folder.

Microsoft to stop snooping e-mail

On Winter Song

Yeah right.

Apparently following the recent case of Microsoft going through a journalist's Hotmail account to look for compromising e-mails the company have decided not to do it again. A Microsoft employee leaked pre-release versions of Windows RT to a French tech journalist and for some reason used Hotmail to set up the leak. Logically Microsoft went looking for the e-mails, and they have every legal right to do so (note the emphasis on legal.) The employee is now an ex-employee and under arrest.

In short, no they won't. The next time there's a suspected leak there will be different people investigating and however many procedures are put in place they will go look. They might not go public with it like they did this time but they will use it, and so will every other e-mail provider by the way. You're no safer on Google, Yahoo or most others.

While I believe what these two were doing was hardly earth-shatteringly important[1], the lesson learned should be obvious. If you're doing something that should remain unknown to someone, DON'T HOST IT ON THEIR PLATFORM. Sheesh, tech journalist much? Use a different provider. Anon accounts. Encrypt your shit. Store offline and delete when you're done.

[1] It's Windows RT for frak's sake, can you spell i-r-r-e-l-e-v-a-n-t?

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