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Windows RT 8: The apps which you need.

Forget what you think you know about Windows RT, the media have been on a witch hunt and in the process misled the consumer about this Operating System and the hardware which runs it.While you can read more on why i think thiselsewhere on this blog. this post is about Windows RT Apps and what works.

While it may not have all the abilities of its sibling to install apps on the Desktop, this is still a Windows machine with the ability to connect to mapped drives and mount lots of external media. While you could do all this management from the desktop explorer RT is about the apps. What this app offers above many of the others is its simple layout which makes dragging and dropping files between mapped folders easier.

It's worth noting if you do want to see a nas drive as a mapped drive for example, you'll need to do the actual drive mapping (for now) in the Desktop explore app. However once done you can create links within this app to any sub folder.

Citrix:XenApp Apps externally via Web Interface without a CAG and CSG or I cant make my Citrix work externally or Citrix is giving out its Internal IP externally.

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So last night I was at home watching some of my favourite mindless TV when I get a call from someone with a Citrix problem. What always surprises me is how often you can find the answer if you know how to use Google even if it's an area outside your own knowledge. Some of the best people I have worked with technically could find answers because they are not that good at using a search engine (more on that later) thats also why I have given this post such a long title.

Right so back to the point. So this guy calls me and says well my XenApp environment works fine inside the office but never works remotely. Ok so we start with all the usual questions is the Firewall setup ect and I get the yes we checked all that. So I get the user to connect and eventually he says heres the error message "Unable to connect the network connection to was interrupted" now obviously this is a private address so I could at least see how to get to the answer.

If you want to connect to your XenApp externally via Web interface to launch your apps and you don’t use CAG (Citrix Access Gateway) or CSG (Citrix Secure Gateway) but your environment uses a 3rd party router or firewall, you can use the XenApp CLI command ALTADDR to provide your XenApp an external IP address it wasn't in our example it was using hte internal address. The AltAddr command tells XenApp to send the user an ICA file with a different IP in it that can be resolved by the users device in order to get a connection to the applications they need.

Example: Let’s say you have a XenApp server with the internal/private IP address of Also, let’s say your router/firewall has an external static IP address of or let’s say that IP ending in 66 is the public IP address that you obtained for your XenApp server

With that information in hand, you need to do a few things to enable the alternate address:

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