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Windows RT: Forget what the tech press has told you, they are WRONG!!

DO a search to investigate Windows RT 8 and you'd be presented with a common opinion amongst most quarters of the tech press when you see popular news sites presenting headlines like these

Headlines like these and reading this particularly scathing review of the device from Paul Thurrott amongst others where Windows RT is described as "(Windows RT) is simply too underpowered to provide a satisfactory experience." and "Windows RT does everything slowly. Everything. The day-to-day experience is terrible." anyone doing research about Windows RT would be forgiven for thinking Microsoft has released a bit of a dud here.

Well the truth is far from it, far from it if your expectations of what you are buying are set correctly and you have an understanding if what Windows RT is and is not...

How and Why to Switch to Linux

On Tynan

I switched to Linux a few years ago. Four, I think. It wasn't my first time— I remember driving with my friend Phil to pick up a Slackware Linux CD in 1997, being very excited about how different it was, and then switching back to Windows a couple weeks later when I wanted my computer to be usable again.

That's not a knock against Linux, but it was a complicated process to get it running properly and I didn't persevere through the process.

This cycle repeated every year or two. Each time I was heartened by how far Linux had come, but would regress back to Windows after some period of time.

This time it stuck, though. I was surprised when I was still using it two, then six months later. I was surprised when after a year Windows felt foreign to me.

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