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Until Debt Do Us Part.

First of all, I want to congratulate mas Leo and mba Christine for their wedding. I hope you could build a harmonious little family and live happily ever after.

Anyway, those phrases quoted above might not be accurately what mas Leo said to mba Christine as their wedding vow, but at least it’s an illustration about how a couple consciously cohere oneself to another. To be wed means to unite, not only two people who fell in love for one another, but also their family. A husband happily embrace his wife’s family, vice versa. To make it official, anyway, a potential husband and wife have to organize an event called wedding ceremony. And I just got back from one.

Mas Leo and mba Christine’s wedding ceremony took place in Sampoerna Strategic Square, Sudirman, Jakarta. Approximately 1.600 people came to their wedding, bringing their children, girlfriend, boyfriend, relatives, and many more. They congratulate the couple, they eat, they took photos, while listening to the live music conducted by real gamelan and an acoustic band. The organizing family wore some sort of ‘uniform’ inspired from modern javanese culture. The married couple looks so happy yet exhausted because they were required to straighten up their body and greet the guests.

As usual, while everybody was enjoying their meal, some questions started to pop out of my head. How much does it cost to organize this wedding? How much money do they have to pay?

This is important so please read.. Especially if you live in Chicago

On The Thought Train

Hey guys! This is IMPORTANT so please read it:

She’s my bestest friend in the world. She’s been with me through thick and thin. She’s been with me through my dark times and she’s never failed to make me happy. She’s the only thing that I love with all of my heart on this Earth.Unfortunately, I’m moving to California this summer to live with my step mom. I can’t take her with me because my step mom doesn’t like cats. This breaks my heart. Every day that passes I know I have to give her up.So what I’m asking is if you want an another member of your family, my Janey will be perfect. Why? She’s such a sweet cat. She’s quiet for the most part unless she wants your attention. She LOVES to cuddle and she’s clingy even though she pretends she’s not. She’s very cuddly and she is so soft and fluffy.If you live around Chicago or nearby and you’re looking for a cat to love forever, please message me. Or if you know someone who does.FACTS:I’ll be providing her food and cat litter. I will give you an ABUNDANCE of supplies for her.Also, I would love to keep in touch so I can send her cat food and litter if you’re struggling to pay for those. Don’t worry about that. I just want a loving home for her.She’s turning 6 this summer.She loves to eatHer name is Janey but she also responds to baby, bear, and baby bear.She’s gonna be upset for a few days because of the new environment but she’ll warm up to you if you bribe her with food and playtime.

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