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3/three/30 Marathon Training Plan 1.0

On Chasing a New Dream

I recently set a personal target of successfully completing a marathon in under 3 hours with less than 3 hours of training per week (including cross training) before I turn 31. Because of this I am calling it the 3/three/30 marathon training plan. Below is my first training plan based on my initial research.


Target Pace: Run a marathon in a time that qualifies for Boston (Under 3 hours and 5 minutes about 7 minute miles)

2013 Boston Marathon Explosions: Run For Boston

On Imported Blog

During my Economics class today, I started to stream the Boston Marathon live. I was just in time to see Rita Jeptoo come across the finish line and win the women's marathon in 2:26:25. A bit later, I heard Lelisa Desisa completed it in 2:10:22, winning first place for the men. Four periods later, I got onto Twitter and I heard the news. A couple bombs had exploded during the race right at the finish line.

I have never felt this bad about a tragedy as I do right now. I don't know why. I don't know anyone personally has been affected. It may be because I'm a runner. It may because I can imagine the pain they are going through; after years of hard work just to qualify in the most premier running event in all of the United States. This race is a celebratory race for most. The finish line of a marathon is a place to congratulate those who have accomplished the great feat of running 26.2 miles. It's a place for joy.

It's not a place of fear. It's not a place of violence. Explosions at the end of the finish line race is one of the cruelest scenarios I can imagine; and it actually happened. This is actually real. As I write this, 3 people are reported dead. More are in critical condition and many are injured. Those who qualify for the Boston Marathon take running extremely seriously, definitely as one of the most important aspects of their life. So many individuals will not be able to run again.

I don't know why whoever did this would do such a thing. I don't know if it's an anti-American trying to get back on Patriots' Day. I don't know if it was an insane person who enjoys hurting a massive group of people. I really don't know. Again this applies to all mass shootings and explosions, but this one in particular feels very close to me. There's not as many deaths perhaps as other tragedies, but I would have never imagined this. Not the Boston Marathon.

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