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On Paying To Skip Time-Sinks In Building Or Management Games

Any management game is a tad tricky in conjunction with a Free-To-Play model, but management games aren't new, by a long shot.

There have always been management games through the yearswhere the time-to-build wasn't universally desired to be "skipped", because it was, perhaps, more integral to that genre; at least in a single-player world.

It can also get a bit fuzzy, I think, as to what is perceived to be skippable time-sinks vs. what someone doesn't mind waiting for.

Almost always, if I see a game with a straight-forward, passive pay-not-to-wait mechanic, I wait.


On Fae Terror

Fae Terror is an RPG which leverages the best parts from several games/genres.


The strength of the X-COM series is its balance between strategic and tactical gameplay. By strategic gameplay I refer to building bases, research technology, making decisions about where to spend money, growing an economy, and so on. In the original X-COM games, this was a very strong aspect of the game. In the most recent iterations (Enemy Unkown / Enemy Within) the strategic layer was definitely a weakness. During the first playthroughs, it felt like it was there, but it did not take long to realise that it was quite prescriptive.

The tactical layer is the turn-based combat. This was good in the original games and I would say even better in the newest ones.

Yet, it is the interaction between these two which really makes the game shine. Zero Punctuation's review of the game explains this quite well!

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