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Discovering The History Of RPGs On PC With Avernum 4

My history with PC gaming is non-existent. I've touched a few, here and there, over the years, but by-and-large, I didn't have any relationships with them. I do remember hearing about different key games as some friends got their hands on them; Diablo, Masters of Orion and Baldur's Gate to name a few. I even tried them, but never developed that relationship with each game. I was strictly a console player over the years.

I started playing Avernum 4 by Spiderweb Software. Wow is it fun. Mind you, I don't have any of the burn-out factor to make me feel like the genre grew old and stale. I don't have any references, not really, or comparisons. I've talked about and added a number of older RPG games to my Steam Wishlist over the months, in anticipation of trying great RPG titles from the history of PC gaming, but have yet to get to any of them.

Really, I'm only, in part, guessing based on graphics and features that Avernum 4 is a throwback RPG. Not one to throw anywhere. I love it. But it must harken back to the glory-days of RPGs

Let's rewind. A4 is not ye-olden-time RPG. It was released on Windows in 2006, which depending on when you were born is either ancient times before men came out of caves or just feels like yesterday. What I mean, and from my understanding, is it followed in the footsteps of notable games from further back in the genre. A4 is also an indie game.

MMO Search 2014: Looking for a New Dangerously Fun MMO

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First, all logos, titles, game names, ect. are the copyright of their respective companies. Now with that out of the way…

Welcome to my new series where I am trying to find a new Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) to play with my friends. I’m not a huge MMO player, but I’ve enjoyed a few during my video game career (Guild Wars 1 and 2 mostly). Why am I looking at MMO’s in particular? I think MMO’s are a suitable game category to select from because my friends tend to like them, we can easily play together, and, ideally, they have a lot of replay value and content. Also, I thought it would be enjoyable to examine some games in one of the most popular PC game categories ever made. I am not entirely sure what my criteria for comparing the games is yet, but in general I would like to play something that is at least moderately visually appealing, has a fun and fairly fast paced battle system, provides something beyond generic ‘fetch quests’ (i.e. get 10 of these, run this here, kill 10 of these, ect.), and has fun and somewhat meaningful (a loaded word, I know) content after reaching the highest level (often called ‘end game content’). A game being free to play (F2P) might be a plus, but it is not a requirement.

My first entry in to current MMO’s is CCP Game’s EVE Online, first released in May 2003. The last update was called EVE Rubicon, released in November 2013. The game came strongly recommended by one of my friends because it offers a unique and almost totally player controlled environment that one cannot find in any other MMO. He also agreed to guide me through the game during my one month free trial. I sense that many people would say EVE is a terrible place to start investigating MMO’s, with many forum posts I have seen (and some friends of mine) calling it overly complicated, unforgiving, unfocused, and/or just plain boring. I often saw the phrase ‘the spreadsheet MMO’ being used to describe this game. But, I dug the space vibe of the game, and my friend was excited about the prospect of us playing together, so I figured I would give it a shot.

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