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There's one thing you can guarantee about travel, it requires you to expect and unexpected.

9 hour layover overnight - no problem, simply crash on the floor of the grossly crowded transit lounge. How bad can it be getting only a few hours sleep during a 40 hour journey? Stay in a guest house as part of a stupa/monastery, must be quiet and calm, right? In the middle of Kathmandu, highly unlikely. Electricity, hot water, any water? Possibly. Any ideas of control quickly fall by the wayside. But then again, Nepal, as with other developing countries, is a country full of the unpredictable. Many opportunities to keep you "in the moment", out of the preconceived and the expected.

A Land of Culinary Options

On Point B

Rented a scooter yesterday from a very patient man named Pol, then took a quick spin around half of the old city in light traffic (as light as it gets during daylight hours) to get the feel. Not quite like my old touring bike from bygone days, (more Pee Wee than Brando) but does the trick. Soon, i imagine and hope, we’ll ride up the mountain to behold up close that distant temple.

[Blog correction: the mountain & temple mentioned in yesterday’s post are west of the city--not east. I’d somehow gotten the impression that our room’s balcony faces north, but not so: i had it backward, an indicator of (a) my self-absorbed mindset, thinking that i am the axis on which rotates our galaxy, and (b) my impinged masculinity, since i did not know which direction is NORTH. I don’t think this necessarily sexist, but at all times a guy should know where north is.]

Food is a major attraction in Thailand, and our first few meals have been great. Yesterday’s lunch: a no-noodle pad thai w/ shrimp--outstanding. The quantity of options is a bit bewildering, but thus far, every dish a bullseye. This weekend: the Night Market.

Yesterday late in the afternoon, following a peaceful hour of good conversation in the Bird’s Nest hippie hangout coffee & juice bar, Heidi and i (on scooter) followed Mike and Loree (on scooter) to the enormous Airport Plaza Mall for to procure phones. The traffic was decidedly not light, but we kept it together and arrived intact. Impressive mall: big, loud, shiny, multi-storey shopping situation. First stop: phones, check. Afterward, we stopped at one of the (who knows how many) mall food courts to order coconuts. We’d inquired about the availability of certain things we’d become used to in the States, such as electrolyte powder. Coconuts are a superior solution: sweet, natural flavor, and a great goodness for deep in the innards. Drink the water, spoon out the meat--good eatin’.

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