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Ego and cross fit

I have traditionally been a bit of a toe dipper. I see something I think I may want to try, but hesitate. Some reasons have been:

And many others I am sure. Being fairly self reflective over a period of time I have concluded this: I believe ego is the culprit.

The evidence -

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

On The Words of Focus Project

Wow. Today was interesting.

So, Derrick hypnotized me. And I learned a LOT of things.

I'll try to recount today as well as I can, as I feel that it has been a day worth remembering.

First Derrick and I met for breakfast. We talked about the hypnosis over eggs Benedict, talked about some other things, and I wrote down the final version of the questions I'd ask in my session. I'll go over these later, with the answers (as I remember them currently).

Then...wow, it bothers me that I can't remember much of what we talked about during out whole morning.

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